What is This?

I am an author of children's books and have some "bonus" material for readers, often geocities-style web pages ostensibly by the characters in my books. When I moved my author website to Wordpress.com, I had to find a place for these pages. Given the old-school quality of the webpages, Neocities was a perfect fit.

What is Here

Find pages for Roy and Sturgis and Roy's Dad's recipes from Mudville.

Also see the unauthorized sequel to Mudville: At the Moundville of Madness.

Learn How to draw snakes (by Linus), or read Pellucidar Fan Fiction (by Matt), both from Mamba Point.

Also see my world-famous (really!) list of animals that are not rodents.

Read a recreation of my very first story, The Toad Who Told Lies.

Read another old story (this one from my college years), The Monkey.